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Nano Packaged Engineered Solutions

In line with nano's Experience. Customer. Service. initiative, nano provides complete factory engineered packaged solutions. From initial concept and CAD design to modular skid packaging, nano can produce complete solutions...not only provide loose components which require on-site installation and testing by our customers. Details matter. At nano, we take into account every last detail from pipe size to reduce pressure drop to equipment placement to ensure proper cooling air flows and ease of routine service. If left to a mechanical contractor who is unfamiliar with the application and/or the equipment, problems could arise at start-up resulting in costly downtime or production delays. nano packaged solutions are completely tested prior to shipment to limit problem situations at start-up. If any issues did arise, they are addressed in our facility, not in the field. The result? Customer satisfaction! Click here for more information

features & benefits:
• system solutions for process cooling, compressed air or nitrogen generation systems
• simple installation
• customer packaged solutions for end-user specific applications
• reliable performance based on product quality and experience
• 100% function- and performance-tested prior to shipment
• full package warranty, covers defects in design and workmanship of skid package.
• reduced costs of installation
• simplified start-up and commissioning

The concept is simple. When a dedicated plant air or N2 generating system is desired, nano will work with the customer so all parties know what flow rate and pressure is required for the system to perform optimally. nano will accept our distributors’ free-issued, low pressure feed air compressor at our facility for installation and witness start-up and test to ensure proper operation. If the end-user has plenty of air on-site, we can package the remaining equipment and test prior to shipping.